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The GPO describe themselves as a “late bar and lounge”, which in my mind comes with certain connotations but they are much more than that to me. I’ve often found myself there early afternoons to do work when Im not feeling the coffee shops; strong wi-fi, big tables, full kitchen are all nice assets to have in a pseudo office. Easy access to an afternoon sangria also does not hurt at all. There’s also a big west facing patio that gets sun all afternoon. GPO is my personal go-to spot for everything sports in Gastown. They play every UFC, Canucks game, lions game, and most major international sports. Big events typically draw a large crowd and a good vibe. Special requests are often welcomed, I’ve seen a guy ask to put on little league baseball and Ive personally burned away a few hours making bets with the regulars on some obscure waterslide sports thing on ESPN 8 (the ocho, yes that is a real thing, *cough* dodgeball, props if you get that reference). ,

The vibe is comfortable, welcoming and completely non-pretentious. Staff are mostly Irish or Scottish, friendly and are quick to remember your name and order after a few visits. Kinda like an Irish Cheers? There’s a following of devoted regulars that make appearances almost daily, folks are nice and it seems easy to make friends here.

Their events calendar is peppered with a variety of fun things: Trivia night, live music, drag brunches, they were doing an open mic night for awhile there. Weekend nights turn into an all out club at 10pm with live DJ’s, dancing and general young people type of fun and debauchery.


136 W Cordova St,
(604) 558-0400
Open 7 days a week till late
Insta: @thegpobargastown

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