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Zenden Gastown

Tucked away among the hustle of water st’s commercial district is the soul cleansing juxtaposition of Zenden.

Their website reads “We are a unique, boutique, drop-in sound bath and reiki meditation + healing studio. We offer daily transcendent practices in meditation, energy, and vibrational medicine, as well as yoga and bodywork.

Located at 33 Water, above Filson, the building is a mix of residential and commercial spaces. Zenden is situated in what looks like used to be a concrete residential loft, however the space has been transformed into calming oasis with views of the north shore mountains.

I had the pleasure of taking part in a soundbath, it was amazing. A small group of us lay on the floor while the guy played various types of drums, gongs, chimey music things and other pleasing sounds and music. He gently instructed us on our breathing and guided our thoughts. Physically feeling the vibrations of the drums while having our minds guided to calmness was incredibly therapeutic.

Classes often fill to capacity, Id recommend booking and paying online so you can just show up and begin your journey.


33 Water Street, Suite 903
Vancouver, BC
Buzz #1111 9th Floor

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